Conditions of Entry

By purchasing a ticket to a Devotion Live Entertainment, LLC event, you agree to our Zero Tolerance Policy and Disclaimer (see below).  Photo-ID with Date Of Birth is required at entry.  All persons and bags will be searched upon entry; including emptying pockets and bags and their contents to be examined.  Shoes required.  No FLIP FLOPS. No re-entry.

Prohibited Items

  • No Outside Food or Drink 
  • No Large Bags or Coolers 
  • No Illegal Substances/Drugs 
  • No Smoking or Tobacco
  • No Professional Cameras 
  • No Markers or Pens 
  • No Laser Pointers or Flashlights 
  • No Balloons 
  • No Fireworks, Candles, Lighters
  • No Weapons or Firearms 
  • No Pepper Spray or Mace 
  • No Spiked Jewelry/Chains 
  • No Selfie Sticks 
  • No Unauthorized Giveaways

Weapons, Tools, Dangerous or Sharp Items, Firearms 
All objects deemed, designed or used for inflicting bodily harm or physical damage, including firearms, ammunition and concealed weapons are prohibited.

Zero Tolerance Policy

Devotion Live Entertainment enforce a strict a Zero Tolerance Policy, which bans against undesirable behaviors and items such as: crowd surfing, pushing, mosh pits, slam dancing, compulsive screaming and extreme explicit language, severe intoxication, offering and/or selling alcohol to minors, fighting, spitting, stage diving, nudity and groping.  RESPECT OTHERS AT ALL TIMES.  To ensure the safety of all guests, the above items and behaviors are banned in and around all areas of the venue including the parking lot.  Prohibited items must be surrendered at time of search and will go unreturned. 

Devotion Live Entertainment and its staff reserve the right, at all times, to (1) determine when an item is prohibited or poses a risk to attending guests; and to (2) refuse entry to any guest or remove a guest from the venue -- regardless of their ticket purchase or admittance -- who poses a risk to public safety, has violated the Zero Tolerance Policy or is intoxicated at entry, without questions, warnings or refunds.  Persons carrying illegal substances will be prosecuted.


YOU ENTER AND PARTICIPATE AT YOUR OWN RISK. If you have concerns about your safety, do not participate.  Devotion Live Entertainment, LLC (the promoter) disavows liability for ANY AND ALL injuries (including but not limited to the results of slipping and falling) which may result in damages, injuries or accidents to any person(s) or property (cell phones, etc.).  USE COMMON SENSE during the event.  STROBE LIGHTS IN USE.

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